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Due to MCO, the courier service delivery throughout Malaysia would take a longer time so the parcel might delay and the pupae might emerged during delivery process. Please ensure your delivery address is reachable.
Thank you for your consideration.

**Please buy at your own risk, butterflies that emerged in the parcel will not refund.**

Well… Every big castle was once started with a single block, and we despise no small beginnings! So, Fret Not! Plus, it’s really easy.

These are tropical butterflies, and they love sunny and damp weather just like you and me! Be sure to place them in a well ventilated shaded area and create an environment of 80-90% of humidity by misting the container twice a day, and you are good to go! We do provide you with an Adopt A Pupa Care Sheet along with the package.

**Kindly take note that shipment will only be scheduled every Monday/Tuesday or Friday. Once parcel has been collected by courier, we will notify you via email with its tracking number.

**Cut-off order time for Monday/Tuesday shipment is on every Sunday latest at 5pm. 

**Cut-off order time for Friday shipment is on every Thursday latest at 5pm. 

**Order placed after cut-off time will be shipped out on the following shipment day.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. The delivery service is only limited within Peninsular Malaysia. 

  2. Customers shall pay for the order in full at the time of ordering and supply us the proof of payment, in order for us to process your order.

  3. Entopia may cancel an order if the product is not available based on our production schedule, and for any other reasons. We will notify you if this is the case and return any payment made to us. Customers are not allowed to cancel the order once payment is done.

  4. Entopia will not be held responsible for any inaccurate and incomplete delivery information provided by customers.

  5. Products ordered will be delivered within ten (10) working days.

  6. The butterfly species for the Adopt-A-Pupa series is based on our production schedule and the variety of species is subject to availability. The availability of the product is limited and it will be based on first book, first served.

  7. Entopia reserves the right to amend or discontinue the product, if deemed necessary.

  8. Entopia reserves the right to amend or supplement these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice

  9. Entopia shall not be liable for any delay or failure in our performance caused by or resulting from acts of God, fire, flood, accident, riot, war, government intervention, embargoes, strikes, labour difficulties, equipment failures, or any other causes beyond our control.

  10. No refund nor replacement will be done for unsuccessful butterfly emergence.

  11. For further enquiries or booking orders of Five (5) sets and above, kindly contact us at  info@entopia.com  for assistance.

What's in the box


- 4 butterfly pupae.

- 4 small containers for pupa chambers.

- 1 button badge.

- Care sheet on how to take care of your pupa.

- DIY pupa chamber manual.

- 1 thank you card.

- 1 Certificate of adoption.



It is included with:

- 2 butterfly pupae.

- 2 small containers for pupa chambers.

- 1 button badge.

- Care sheet on how to take care of your pupa.

- DIY pupa chamber manual.

- 1 thank you card.

- 1 Certificate of adoption.